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test sequence (TRH-R1)





Ex.1 and  Ex.2:




The algorithms search for the consensus sequence of thyroid hormone binding sides in promoter regions (A/G G G T C/G/A A). You can look for a single, double or triple TREs. TREs could be orientated as a direct repeat (DR), as an inverted palindrome (IP) or as an inverted repeat (IR). Select the wanted orientation and the length of the spacer between different parts of the multiple-TREs.


Another option is to search for the optimal constitutions for TREs. If you prefer this option select TRE: IR0 + DR4 + IP6. In this case all other settings will be unimportant.


There are TREs known, that donít contain the exact consensus sequence of TREs. The lower the percentage the higher is the tolerance for variance.




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